Dresses – Duet Song chords

F  F  G  Am  F  F  G  Em

F Gm FI remember the time it took you to grow
AmInto a flower
Gm BbThe violet that we all know
F Am Gm Em F Eb EmIt was mid-December and I had a cold, cold heart
F Gm EmRemeber spring, with all those stupid parties
Am'Cause I don't
Gm FAnd the stories that you told me, I love those
Gm Em F Am Gm EmAnd thinkin' 'bout you's breakin' my hea-ar-ar-ar-art
Am G AmMy heart
F Am Gm CAnd do you recall those summers
F C G C FWe would keep our smiles alive all the days of the week
Em Gm Em FI miss the most how you would tell me
EmI'll never change
Am BbAnd with the turn of the seasons, baby
Am C*You grew and I let them change me
F Em Am F CI regret only one thing the most
Gm*That's using my head, not my heart
F C G G F Am Gm C F Am Gm C F C G C
F Gm FDo you remember the night I brought you home
BbWe took a shower, my parents, they were long gone
F Bb C F CYou kissed my lips and told me we had only begun
G C F CWell that's the night I went so wrong
F*I kissed you back and told you I was done
F F G Am F F Gm C F Am Gm Gm F F Gm Em F Bb
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