Drew Thomson – Saturday Night Sunday Morning chords

C C* Am G, C C* Am G

CShe had the house to herself
Am GBut she didn't know how to roll it
C Am GSo I showed up Saturday night And I left on Sunday morning
CSaid I got somethin' real important
Am GShe said "I got more, and it's imported"
C Am GI got a mailbox down in Michigan where the details aren't recorded
[Break] C C* Am G, C C* Am G [Verse]
C Am GI recognized the name, but the papers never showed a picture
C Am GShe said "I gotta get away for a little while 'cause he got out on good behavior."
C Am GSaid, "I heard it was a personal favor
CHe's the kind of guy that finds the strings
Am GGets his friends to pull them later."
F She held herself up as things were gettin' rough
C The things that we do for what we think is love
Am G And she was all sunglasses and cover ups
[Break] C C* Am G, C C* Am G [Verse]
CYeah, I'd show up Saturday night
Am GAnd I'd leave on Sunday morning
CWe made it a routine for a couple of weeks
Am GOther details aren't important
C Am GShe said, "I gotta get to Denver before his probation's over."
C Am GAsked if I wanted to come along but she knows that I can't cross the border
F G CShe said "It's over. It's not you, it's the court order."
F G C And now Denver's got a hold of her
F G C And I can't even get a hold of her
F C 'Cause I guess I got Yeah I guess I got an old phone number
[Break] C C Am G, F C [Verse]
CAnd if you end up coming back I'll be gone
Am GHere's all I ask: Ask around, Find out where I am
G F Go drop me a line Just make some sort of contact
F 'Cause I'm sick of feeling like this
CI'm sick of being this mess
[Outro] C C* Am G, C C* Am G
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