E For Explosion – When We Were New chords

[Verse 1]
A E C#mI am selfish, I am holding my breath
A EBiting my tongue and hedging boyish bets
A E C#mI'm not speechless, just afraid of what I could lose
A ESo I'm just staring at my shoes
A E C#mI'm filling space on the floor next to your bed
A EWhere I'll fall asleep grasping at your hand
A E C#mI'm filled with words that always seem to come too soon
A EAnd I'm still staring at my shoes
[Instrumental] A E A [Verse 2]
ESometimes love can feel a lot like fear
A ESometimes I can't find the words you need to hear
A E C#mAnd if I have to choose, I'll always choose you
A EThough I'm still staring at my shoes
[Outro] A E A
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