Eagles – No More Walks In The Wood tab

Capo V

Strum the chords around the words; you'll get a feel for what goes where after a couple 
times. Also, please not chords have been repeated twice to denote when to strum once, 
example, at the start is a Dm, and then you strum another Dm over 'trees'.

   No more walks in the wood
       Dm                  Am
   The trees have all been cut down
   Gm        Bb        C
   And where once they stood
       Dm     Am
   Not even a wagon rut
   Dm                G
   Appears along the path
   Gm                  Am
   Low brush is taking over

   No more walks in the wood
               Dm   Am
   This is the aftermath
      F                 F      C
   Of afternoons in the clover fields
   Bb                 Gm
   Where we once made love
        F               Bb
   Then wandered home together
   Where the trees arched above
         F               Bb
   Where we made our own weather
        F                 Bb
   When branches were the sky
       Gm                Am
   Now they are gone for good

       Dm                G
   And you, for ill, and I
      Gm            Am7
   Am only a passer-by
   Bb         F/A           Gm
   We and the trees and the way
   Am            Gm        Dm
   Back from the fields of play
   Gm        Dm         Am
   Lasted as long as we could
Bbmaj7     Am7          Dm
   No more walks in the wood

That's all there is to it. A really simple song. I love playing this at our church 
in three part harmony.
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