Eagles – Business As Usual tab

Tuning: Standard with CAPO on second fret (even for the lead guitar on the first part)

    Am:  x02210
  B7/A:  x0120x
  A5:    x022xx
  Dm:    XX0321
  F:     133211
  E:     022100
  Dm7:   xx0768
  Dm6:   xx0767
  Am7:   xx2213
  Am6:   xx2212
    Bb:  x1333x

INTRO: Ee|-----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------7b---------0---0---------|G|---------9----9----9-----9---7-----------------|D|----7/9----9----9----------9---9---9-----------|A|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
Am B7/A E7sus/A A5 Look at the weather, look at the news Am B7/A E7sus/B A5 Look at all the people in denial Am B7/A We're running time, leaving grace E7sus/A A5 Still we worship at the marketplace Am B7/A E7sus/A A5 While common sense is goin' out of style Dm Am I thought that I would be above it all by now Dm F E In some country garden in the shade Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 But it's business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Day after day Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Just grinding away Dm7-Dm6 Em7-Dm6 You try to be righteous Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 You try to do good F But business as usual E Am Turns your heart into wood Am B7/B E7sus/B A5 Monuments to arrogance reach for the sky Am B7/B E7sus/B A5 Our better nature's buried in the rubble Am B7/B E7sus/B A5 We got the prettiest White House that money can buy Am B7/B E7sus/B A5 Sitting up there in that beltway bubble Dm Am The main jefe talks about our freedom Dm F E But this is what he really means... Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 How dirty we play Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Don't you get in the way Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Yeah, make you feel helpless Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Make you feel like a clown F Business as usual E Am Is breakin' me down F E Am Boy, you can't go surfing in Century City Dm E Am Yeah, them sharks out there are lurking beneath the curb F E Am Dm Yeah, they rob you blind, chew you up, and it ain't pretty F Bb And it's a soul suckin', soul suckin', soul suckin', soul suckin' E Soul suckin', soul suckin' world Dm Am Dm Am Dm Am F E Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Day after day Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 Business as usual Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Feel like walking away Dm7-Dm6 Dm7-Dm6 A barrell of monkeys Am7-Am6 Am7-Am6 Or band of renown F Business as usual E Am B7/A E7sus/A A5 Is breakin' me down Am B7/A E7sus/A Am Breakin' me down
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