Eagles - Pretty Maids All In A Row tab

SONG=PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROWBAND=EAGLESplay this song with a slide on your middle finger > means slide to fret to fret introe----------------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------------| it is kind of hard to playg-12-12>9--8>8>6>7>9>6>12>12>9>8>7>6--7>9------| at firstd----------------------------------------------|a----------------------------------------------|e----------------------------------------------|
second slide soloe------------------------------|b-7-9>8>9>8>6>7----------------|g----------------10-10>12>10>7-|d------------------------------|a------------------------------|e------------------------------|
third slide soloe-----------|b-----------|g-9>7-------|d-----------|a-----------|e-----------|all in a row
the fourth slide solo i dont know it sorry but this is as close as i can get
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