Earth Wind And Fire – Shining Star tab

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Song: Shining Star
Artist: Earth Wind and Fire
Album: The Best of Earth Wind and Fire

This is such a great song. I was disappointed not to find
any EWF tabs anywhere, so I put this up.  Thanks to my
guitar teacher Mark Heinneman who helped me figure out
this song.

e----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------| X 2D-----------2-2-------2-2----------------------|A-------2-4-----4-2-4-----4-2-4-5-5-4-2--------|E-0-0-4---------------------------------3^-0---|
^ bend play the riff with a funky rhythm and mute the notes with your palm Play with funk rhythm E9 When you wish upon a star, E9 Dreams will take you very far, E9 But when you wish upon a dream, E9 Life ain't always what it seems E9 What'd you see, on night of clear, E9 In the sky, so very dear A7 D9 You're a shining star, G7 C9 No matter who you are A7 D9 Shining bright to see, G7 C9 What you could truly be. Solo Shining star comes into view, To shine its watchful light on you. Give you strength to carry, Make your body big and strong. Born a man-child of the sun, Saw work had just begun, Found I had to stand alone, Bless it now I've got my own So if you find yourself in need Listen to these words of heed Be a giant, or grain of sand Words of wisdom, yes I can You're a shining star No matter who you are, Shining bright to see, What you can truly be (repeat) Shining star for you to see What your life can truly be (repeat 3 times)
E9 D9 C9 A7 G7e--7---5---3---5---3--------|B--7---5---3---5---3- ------|G--7---5---3---6---4--------|D--6---4---2---5---3--------|A--7---5---3---7---5--------|E--------------5---3--------|
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