East West – She Cries tab

I know there's a couple versions, but this should work for both.
I usually substitute power chords for the chorus and bridge.

Verses: Bm D G G

Chorus and Bridge: D A Bm D G or D5 A5 B5 D5 G5


Won't you come away with me tonight?
We can fly past the moon and the starlight.
It doesn't matter where you've been before
On a night like this
It doesn't matter where you've been before
I'll love you like this
(And she cries, she cries, yeah)

Can't you see, I won't leave
But you have to open your eyes
Here I stand, take my hand
Let go of the fear that you hold

Don't throw your pearls to the swine tonight
Don't let them take your innocence
Just remember the times that I held your hand and kept you close 
Remember the times I held you up and now
(She cries, she cries, yeah)
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