We Enter In chords with lyrics by Ed Conlin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ed Conlin – We Enter In chords

Intro: A D/A A Esus
AWe Enter In,
E/Awe have been called,
DInto the fullness,
E filling all and all.
DBefore the Fount of Life,
A E F#mWhere echoes day and night,
D EAnd Holy the Heavens cry
Aand we adore
D/A A Esus (Chorus)
D AYou are worthy, Lord, we cry
D AFace to face, and eye to eye
D D/C# Bm7Hallelujah, Yours the power,
EYours salvation, oh Most High.
A DAnd so we adore You.
A DOh, Lord, we adore You,
EsusAs we enter,
AWe enter in.
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