Ed Helms - Allentown chords

Alantown-Hangover part 2
capo 1
tuning-standard D

its really just allentown by billy joel and he changes the words and chords a little

in the G chord theres a little riff where it hammers onto the c from the b

C  D  G x2
C  D  G-Gsus4-G

Em A DWe were living here in alantown
Am D GAnd its driving all our lives to the ground
Em A BmWhen we woke up we were wasted and drunk
A G D/F# APhil got shot we were beaten by a monk
Em A DWell I was happy and my life was good
Am D GGetting married like a dentist should
Em A BmRoasting marshmallows on a stick
A G D/F# AI got fucked in the ass by a girl with a dick
Em A DBut we’re living here in Alantown
F D GAnd they’re taking teddy’s fingers now
Am Em GAnd im pretty sure im gonna lose my shit
C D C And shoot alan in the face
GThen shoot myself
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