Ed Roland – Over Tokyo tab

TITLE: "Over Tokyo"
ARTIST: Ed Roland 
ALBUM: "Ed-E Roland"

CORE Records 1991
Transcribed by Connor Roberts


v = downward strumming pattern
^ = upward strumming pattern


G C9 Em7 D D9 Dsuse--3-- --3-- --3-- --2-- --3-- --0--B--3-- --3-- --3-- --3-- --3-- --3--G--0-- --0-- --0-- --2-- --2-- --2--D--0-- --2-- --2-- --0-- --0-- --0--A--2-- --3-- --2-- --x-- --0-- --x--E--3-- --0-- --0-- --x-- --2-- --x--
Intro/Verse RIFF: v v ^ v ^e-----3---3--3--3-----------------------||B-----3---3--3--3-----------1--1--1--0--||G-----0---0--0--0--2--0--------------0--||D-----0---0--0--0---------0----------0--||A--2--2---2--2--2-----------------------||E--3--3---3--3--3-----------------------||
VERSE 1: (Intro RIFF for first 2 lines) Got a photograph of a smile Taken way back when we could smile Em7 c9 Now this plane will take me D9 C9 D, C9 G Where I don't know maybe...Tokyo. CHORUS: D Dsus Cause there's no movement C9 G Over Tokyo D Dsus And there's no hurting C9 G (Intro RIFF 2x) Over Tokyo VERSE 2: (Intro RIFF for first 2 lines) Got a photograph of some tears Taken presently with more tears Em7 C9 Now I'll search for happiness D9 C9 D, C9 G Where should I go, maybe...Tokyo. BRIDGE: Em7 C9 G Attention will this pain go away Em7 C9 G D....(Fades Into Solo Part) Conditions just aren't the same.
SOLO PART:Guitar 1Part 1...Part 2....Part 3.............Part 4...e-------|---------|------------------|-------||B-------|---------|------------------|-------||G--16b--|--16s12--|--17--16--14--12--|--14b--||D-------|---------|------------------|-------||A-------|---------|------------------|-------||E-------|---------|------------------|-------||
Guitar 2 (played 4x, once after each part of Guitar 1)--------------------------||B-------------------------||G------0------------0--0--||D-------------------0--0--||A--2-3---3-2-3-2-0--2--2--||E-------------------3--3--||
(Then back to CHORUS 2x, and finish with Intro RIFF 2x, and end on a G chord, let ring) <<>>
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