Eddie Kirkland - Forever Changed chords

Forever Changed
Eddie Kirkland
North Point Community Church

Bm GI have built with my hands all the walls that hold me in
Bm GI have wondered my way in the desert
Bm GI have struggled against all the blessing you have sent
Bm GAnd I’m back to the place of surrender
G D ALord you meet me here in my darkest hour
G D AAnd you stir my heart with your love
G D A BmForever I am changed by mercy
G D AForever my heart is alive
G D A BmForever I am yours my savior
G A BmForever my hope is Christ
Verse Tears are sweet as they fall Mercy rushes through my soul Bowing low as you wash me with healing Lord you sealed me with grace Life eternally sustained By the hope in my soul your revealing Bridge
G AThe power of sin broken I have been set free
G AFor I have died and Jesus is alive in me
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