Eddie Vedder – Longing To Belong chords ver. 3

The other tabs were a bit off, so here's mine.

This is a great song and a great album. It's good to see an artist well established in 
one type of music go in a completely different direction.

Song: Longing To Belong
Artist: Eddie Vedder
Album: Ukelele Songs
Year: 2011

As the album name suggests, this song is played on a ukelele. But the chords are still 
the same.

Along with basic chords, here are some chords you need to know:

Playing the "G" on the high-e string is optional. That's why there's parentheses. G7
Intro: Cmaj7 to F twice
Cmaj7 FI'm falling harder than I've
Cmaj7 Fever fell before
Cmaj7 FI'm fallin faster, hoping
Cmaj7 FI'll land in your arms
Dm ACause all my time is spent here
F G7Longing to belong
Cmaj7 F Cmaj7 Fto you
Instrumental Break: C F C F
Cmaj7 FI dream of circles perfect,
Cmaj7 Feyes within your face
Cmaj7 FMy heart's an open wound that
Cmaj7 Fonly you'd replace
Dm F# GAnd though the moon is rising,
Dm F# Gcan't put your picture down
Dm F# G Cmaj7 F
Cmaj7 FLove can be frightening when you fall
Dm AAnd when the time is right,
F G7I hope that you'll respond
Dm ALike when the wind gets tired
F G7and the ocean becomes calm
Dm AI may be dreaming but I'm
F G7longing to belong
Cmaj7 F Cmaj7 Fto you
Outro: C F C F then, Cmaj7 F Cmaj7 F
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