Editors – Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors tab


G C Em  ---> open chords

then when tom changes to guitar the second guitar plays:

E-15-17-|B-------|G-------|D-------|A-------|E-------| reapeat couple of times
after that tom continues with G C Em open second guitar:
repeat until the lyrics go "i can't change that feeling I got..."then it changes toE--------|B-7-8-13-|G--------|D--------|A--------|E--------|
during that tom plays the following chords: D -> G -> C, he ends on C and then the chorus starts and TOm plays: G D Em C
second guitar plays somethign like tehese things, just mess around with notes already given for guitar two, but should be something like this:E------------------B-8-10-13-12-8---7- and it continues with the another patternG------------------D------------------A------------------E------------------
it's all repeated one time then comes the chorus again, the chorus ends on a G, after that Tom changes to piano again and plays the following accompanied by the chords G and C:
this quiet part is followed by Tom playing the chords G C Emand guitar two playin E-15-17-|B-------|G-------|D-------|A-------|E-------|
then there's only the chords G and C frequently changing and then there comes again the chorus chords with G D Em C that's very calss song and easy to play
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