Edward Maya - Stereo Love tab version 1

Edward Maya - Stereo Love

C#m               A                E
When you're gonna stop breaking my heart
C#m            A          E  A
I don't wanna be another one
C#m               A            E
Paying for the things I never done
Don't let go
Don't let go
To my love

C#m               A
Can I get to your soul
C#m                 A
Can you get to my thoughts
C#m                   A      B
Can you promise we won't let go

C#m                    A
All the things that I need
C#m                     A
All the things that you need
C#m               A      B
You can make it feel so real.

C#m            E
Cuz you can't deny
A               E
You've blown my mind
E                   A
When I touch your body
I feel I'm loosing control

C#m            E
Cuz you can't deny
A               E
You've blown my mind
E                A
When I see you baby
I just don't wanna let go

Accordion melody

E|-----12--12- E|-----12-----|B|--9--------- B|--9---------|G|------------ G|------------|D|------------ x4 D|------------| x2A|------------ A|------------|E|------------ E|------------|
Same chords for the rest of the song.
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