Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros – Child chords

        Written in G but later modulates to C... I think.

There are a few fills but I can't be bothered to tab them, but basically to get 
the most approximate sounding and full sound (as there are two guitars in the 
recorded song) Play using BAR chords and get some of fills by playing on the 
higher strings on the 0,1,3 and 5 frets. I tried to be as accurate as I can with 
the placement of the chord changes but not all of them are perfect.
Also I'm not sure if its an Am or an Am7.

G (stay in G)The voices in my head are shadows, shadows
She comes to me, to tell me what they're after
C Says it ain't the end boy but you best be careful, careful
G Might catch your tail end in a circle, circle
GThe ocean how she moves in ripples, ripples
In flashing lights I swear she wore old film then the
CColour bleeds and she
Becomes an angel, angel,
Calls out to me like a siren to a scoundrel and I
Am Say……..……….come on
Gchild……..and I
AmSay ……come on
(Bass note G A into C chord)
CThe blanket where she hides my virgin lights
CLook to the sea where the cotton hits the turnpike staring
DmAt your knees but I don't have the words right, words right now
C (stay in C)If up to me my maker turned right, turned right
Lost another one but she still smiles, smiles Black lovely nights and the
AmSteady sea for miles says she
DmWants, o wants to stay a child, child now
CAnd wonders why we ever, ever have to die and I
Am Say......come on
Gchild....and I
AmSay.....come on
(Stay in G)
G Just a touch I'm gonna carry, carry
Another time where I probably shared the same life the
CAccent of a kiss whispers we're married, married now
GIt's either love or just the sun in my eyes and I
Am Say.......come on
Gchild....and I
AmSay....come on
G CChild
C (let ring) Love love love love
G (let ring)Love
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