I Want It All tab with lyrics by Edwin Mccain - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Edwin Mccain – I Want It All tab

C G/B Am F  x's 2

C          G/B     Am   F  C        G/B          Am     F
She's got an inner child.  A little tame, and a whole lotta wild,

Dsus2                   F
but as crazy as it is, it is who she is.

             C      G/B    Am           F                 C     
Cause when I fell, I fell hard, for every part.  From the beauty in her 

 G/B           Am          F            C       G/B         Am    
eyes, to the little battle scars.  The good, the bad, the happy and the
 F              Dsus2                       F             
sad.  And her perfections, to every little flaw and I want it all.

G                    F                    C             G/B     Am
And when she falls asleep I know she'll dream a little dream of me.  And in 

      Dsus2                         F
the morning she will see that it's easy to believe.

Repeat Chorus twice
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