Little Red Dot chords with lyrics by Eef Barzelay - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Eef Barzelay – Little Red Dot chords

Great little song, I won't bother with exact tabbing but I'll 
provide the chords! 
The E's are all barred, and the A's are not.

Intro: E with a little hammer on/hammer off on 
the A string from the 7th to 9th fret. Listen to 
the song for exact timing. About when he does it, 
I'll notate it as B6sus4, or B6, for short.

E B6You are my little red dot
E B6You are my little red dot
ADon't worry Here he does a hammer on/off on the D string,
F#m shortened from F#m/A, from the 2nd to 4th fret, The water is not too deep which sounds the sameas the earlier version on
A5 the A string.This A5 is actually an A5addD#, Don't worry played as x02233.
F#mThe hill is not too steep
E, B6
E B6You are my little red dot
E B6You are my little red dot
A5 F#m Notice there is no plain A here, it Don't worry and don't be afraid goes straight to the A5.
A5 Don't worry
F#mYour beauty shall never fade
E, B6 All chords(in normal and shortened forms): E:779997 B6sus4(B6):799997 A:x0222x F#m/A(F#m):x0422x A5addD#(A5):x02233
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