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From Thu May  8 16:50:16 1997
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:52:58 +0200
From: Iker Arana 
Subject: Novocaine for the Soul by EELS

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Novocaine for the soul, by EELS. From "Beautiful freak"
Transcribed by Iker Arana. E-mail:

Part 1 x4 Part 2 E---||---------------|-------------------||--||----------11-----11------B---||-----------9---|--------------10---||--||----------11-----11------G---||*----------10--|------10------11--*||--||*------9------9----------D---||*------11------|--11------11------*||--||*------------------------A---||---11----------|-------------------||--||---11--------------------E---||---------------|-------------------||--||-------------------------
2x E---|---------11------11--|-------------|---------------||--------------B---|---------12------12--|--9---9---x--|--9---9---9----||--------------G---|-----11------11------|--10--10--x--|--10--10--10--*||--------------D---|--9------------------|--11--11--x--|--11--11--11--*||--------------A---|---------------------|--11--11--x--|--11--11--11---||--------------E---|---------------------|-------------|---------------||--------------
The song is played with capo over the 9th fret. This the transcription to the part played during the verses (part 1) and the chorus (part 2).Thereīs a break in the middle of the song that I havenīt already figured out.
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