Einsturzende Neubauten – Youme And Meyou tab

Einsturzende Neubauten

Youme & Meyou


    D     Am     G

 D       Am
   They built a ship each wintertime
        G                         D
   For launch to sea before the storm

They don't just go from A to B
they go around and come around again

'cause out there's always a construction site
a Starbucks and
yet another Gugenheim

   Youme knows what Meyou wants
   Meyou knows what Youme wants
   And it's granted

No more tassels on the hotel key
a phone line, a laptop
and a box of tangerines

They turn houses into homes
where earthquakes live with car alarms
mature mild-mannered catastrophes

They gift each other a thousand names
and take them off, take them off again
like excessive jewelry

Youme knows what Meyou wants
Meyou knows what Youme wants
and it's granted

They defend each other against the past
if the future isn't bright at least it's colorful
so burn the ship come spring

They fail, fail and try again
fall off a cliff, succeed, and fall, fall again

They have proven quite effectively
that bumblebees indeed can fly
against the field's authority

They invent each other ever anew
still they won't have a different view
of everyone or anything

Defend themselves against the whims of fate
question the statistics, accelerate
the status quo, deny the rules of gravity

But they don't use the word
once dropped it might break

They do not say that they have loved
for who can say
We were killed yesterday

Youme knows what Meyou wants
Meyou knows what Youme wants
and it's granted
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