Ekolu – Just One Night chords

Just One Night
Ekolu (credit to Kanaka916 from ukuleleunderground.com)
G Bm7Just One night i'd like to spend with you
Cthere's so much that i could do to make you happy
D7 G Bm7I would write a song for you and sing about your smile
C D7Girl if you were here i'd make it worth the while
GBut I guess you'll never know how much I really love you so
Bm7Cause i'm just to shy to even let you know
CI wanna be there with you each and every night
D7instead of always having you on my mind
GI wanna be there with you when the sun goes down
Bm7And be there right beside you when you turn around
CTo prove that I can love you for the rest of my life
D7 Bm7 D7 GBaby all need from you is just one night
verse 2
G Bm7Just One night to show how i feel for you
CI would never treat you cruel i'll be good to you
D7 G But baby if you were here tonight
Bm7 C D7then you would see just how much one night really means to me
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