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Elbow – Great Expectations tab

I'm a terrible guitar player.  That said, I've figured out a good chunk of this
song and sort of faked the rest.
To say that I'm proud I've managed THIS much is an understatement.




e ---------0-------| And if it rains all day, call on you I'll call onB ------------0----|G ------7--------7-|D ---5-------------|A 7----------------|E -----------------| (repeated)
e ---------0-------| you. Like IB ------------0----|G ------5--------5-|D ---3-------------|A 5----------------|E -----------------| (repeated)
e ---------0-------| used toB ------------0----|G ------5--------5-|D ---5-------------|A 3----------------|E -----------------| (repeated)
e -----------------|B ---------3-------|G ------0-----0----|D ---2-----------0-|A 2----------------|E -----------------|
e -----------------|B ---------3-------|G ------2-----2----|D ---0-----------0-|A 0----------------|E -----------------|
e 0---------------|B 0---------------|G 0---------------|D 2---------------|A 3---------------|E ----------------|
e -----------------|B ------3-----3----|G ---------2-----2-|D ---0-------------|A 0----------------|E -----------------|
e ---------0-------|B ------------3----|G ------0--------0-|D ---2-------------|A 2----------------|E -----------------|[THIS IS ONLY PLAYED THE FIRST TIME INTO THE CHORUS]
e ---------0---------------------------| 1. A call girl withB ------------0------------------------|G ------0--------0 2. Stockport sup--|D ---2---------------------------------|A 3------------------------------------| 3. vow was yourE -------------------------------------|
e ---------0-------| 1. yesterdayB ------------3----|G ------0--------0-| 2. -porters clubD ---2-------------|A 3----------------| 3. smile as weE -----------------|
e ---------0-------------------------------| 1. eyes was ourB ------------0----------------------------|G ------0--------0 2. kindly sup---------|D ---2-------------------------------------|A 3--------------- 3. moved down the ai--|E -----------------------------------------|
e ---------0-----------------------------| 1. witness andB ------------3--------------------------|G ------0--------0 2. -plied us a cho--|D ---2-----------------------------------|A 3--------------------------------------| 3. -sle of theE ---------------------------------------|
e ---------0-------| 1. priestB ------------3----|G ------2--------2-| 2. -orD ---0-------------|A 0----------------| 3. lastE -----------------|
e ---------0-------| 1. ...B ------------3----|G ------0--------0-| 2. yourD ---2-------------|A 2----------------| 3. busE -----------------|
e ---------0-------| 1. home / and this is where iB ------------1----|G ------2--------2-| 1. home / and if you're runningD ---2-------------|A 0----------------| 2. go / know i'll alwaysE -----------------| (4 TIMES)
e ---------2-------| 2. go / just when it rainsB ------------3----|G ------4--------4-| 1. late / this is where i'llD ---4-------------|A 2----------------| 2. wait...E -----------------| (4 TIMES)
THIS REPEATS FOR THE SECOND HALF AS WELL. THE OUTRO IS JUST THE LAST TWO CHORDS REPEATED TWICE And if it rains all day Call on you I'll call on you Like I used to Slide down beside and wrap you in stories Tailored entirely for you I'll remind you We exchanged a vow I love you I always will A call girl with yesterday eyes was our witness and priest Stockport supporters club kindly provided a choir Your vow was your smile As we move down the isle Of the last bus home And this is where I go Just when it rains Blinking and stoned Rain in your hair You only smoke รขย€�cause it's something to share Singing bring on the night To have and to hold The sodium light turning silver to gold Spitfire thin and strung like a violin I was Yours was the face with a grace From a different age You were the sun in my Sunday morning You were the sun in my Sunday morning Telling me never to go So I'll live on the smile And move down the isle Of the last bus home And if you're running late This is where I'll go Know I'll always wait
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