Elevation Worship – Be Lifted High chords

Be Lifted High
Written By: Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Jess Cates, Wade Joye, and Jane Williams

Intro: [Gm - Eb - F - Bb]

Verse 1:
Gm EbLay down my rights
F BbLay down my life
Gm EbI will abandon
F BbAll of my pride
Gm EbFocus my eyes
F BbAway from myself
Gm EbYou become greater
F FbI become less
BbYou be lifted high
FYou be lifted higher
GmI belong to You
Eb BbI am nothing without You
Verse 2: Jesus be all Consume every part My greatest desire I give you my heart Focus my eyes Away from myself You become greater I become less Bridge:
CmIn every victory
EbIn every trial
Bb FMy soul will sing be lifted high
CmWith every heartbeat
EbAll of my life
Bb FJesus forever be lifted high
Outro: [Gm - Eb - F - Bb] God Bless! Wagh_Rules
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