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Elevation Worship – Great In Us chords

Great In Us
Written By: Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Katelyne Clampett, Brad Hudson, Wade Joye, and Jane Williams

INTRO: [D - G]
[D - G - D - Bm - G]

Verse 1:
D GWe see a new horizon
D Bm GCourage in the distance
D GOur hearts can feel You rising
D Bm AStirring hope within us
G AYou're calling out for us
Bm AWe hear Your voice cut through the darkness
G AYou’re calling out for us
GAs we cry out for love
D GGreater than our sin
Bm GA greater love begins
D GThrough the power of your cross
Bm GYour love is great in us
D GYou've taken all our shame
Bm GYou washed it all away
D GThrough the power of Your cross
Bm G [D - First time]Your love is great in us
VERSE 2: Your love spans the distance All our sin forgotten You're calling us to follow And stirring hope within us Interlude: [Bm - D - G - A] Bridge:
BmGreater than my hurt
D GGreater than my pain
A DGreater than my hopes
AAnd all my dreams
F#m BmGreater than my past
D GGreater than my doubt
A DGreater than my life
AYour love for me
DGreater love in us
GGreater love in us
Bm D GGreater love in us
God Bless! Wagh_Rules
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