Elias And The Wizzkids – The Dance tab

Elias and the Wizzkids
official website: http://www.eliasandthewizzkids.se/

versos: A F#m D E
ponte: A F#m D E
final: [D A F#m]2x E A

Something was missing but what could it be
Could it be coffee or could it be tea
I had a few cups of both of the kind
But it was not enough to ease my mind

ponte: A F#m D E

So I bought some Belgian chocolate and ate
Two hundred grams of eighty-five percent
Wasn't it coffee and wasn't it tea
Not even chocolate than what could it bw...

Maby I was lonely and needed company
I called a friend and we went to a movie
The film was great and I was entertained
But still I was restless, the feeling remained

The hour were late by the time I got home
I felt exhausted and I was alone
But at the moment as I closed the door
My little flat turned in to a dance-floor

All of a sudden I felt something strange
First in my belly and then in my legs
I lost control and did not have a chance
My body took over, it wanted to dance

When I got back to my senses again
A             F#m
All of my sorrows were gone
The neighbours were angry, though one of them came
     A                        F#m
and said he would call the police
    E         A
But finally I had my peace.

termina: A F#m D E
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