Prairie Lullaby chords with lyrics by Eliza Carthy - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Eliza Carthy – Prairie Lullaby chords

PRAIRIE LULLABY - originally by Jimmie Rodgers I think, but I love Eliza's version.

Am Dm Am Shadows slowly creeping
Am Dm Am Down the prairie's trail,
Am Dm Am Everything is sleeping
G G# G All but the nightingale.
Am Dm Am Moon will soon be climbing
Am E Am In the purple sky,
Am Dm AmNight wind softly humming
G E Am G7This tender lullaby.
C C7Cares of the day have fled,
C7 FMy little sleepyhead.
C G7 CThe stars are in the sky.
C C7Time that your prayers were said,
FMy little sleepyhead.
C G7 CTo a prairie lullaby.
G Saddle up your pony.
CThe sandman's here
D7 G G7 To guide you down the trail of dreams.
C C7Tumble in bed, my child,
FYou old sleepyhead,
C G7 CTo a prairie lullaby.
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