Ellen And The Escapades - Without You chords



Intro: G (and all other instrumentals)


G C DToday I realised just what you took me for
Some fool to play the part thats always gone before
G Am C DSo I will make a stand, I cant take this, no
G C DIm not some decoration I think and breathe and see
But no you dont understand cos youre not the same as me
G Am C DWell im everything you thought, I couldnt be
C DAnd sometimes I think about the things we used to do
G CAnd the love I gave to you
GAnd now youve gone away theres better ways to fill my days
D CWithout you, without you
G C DAnd so the days roll by, I hope you get your dues
And if a million people see, well I hope they dig it too
G Am C DCos what goes around comes around, right back, on you
Chorus (x3)
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