The End Acoustic tab with lyrics by Ellie Goulding - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ellie Goulding – The End Acoustic tab

Capo 4th

Don't use a pick.
The intro might not be exact, but you don't have to play every single note.
Just pick any strings within the chord and you'll probably be okay.


PART 1 G Em|-------------------------------------------------------||---------------------0--------------------------0------||---0-----0-----0---------0---0h2p0---0------2--------0-||-------------------0---0-----------0----------0----0---||---0h2---0h2---0h2-----------2---------0----2----------||-3-----3-----3-------------0--------------0------------|
PART 2|-------------------------------------------------------||---------------------0----------------------3---3---3--||---0-----0-----0---------0---0h2p0---0------2---2---2--||-------------------0---0-----------0----------0--------||---0h2---0h2---0h2-----------2---------0----2----------||-3-----3-----3-------------0--------------0------------|
Part 1 is played throughout the majority of the song, with Part 2 thrown in just once or twice.
"…As to why I wait for you…"These are the chords for this part, just pick any of the strings or you can strum.|-------------||---0-----0---||---2-----0---| x4|---0-----2---||---0-----2---||---2-----0---|
"Our bodies fit together…"Again, here are chords, make up your own picking or strum.|---0-----0-----0---||---3-----0-----7---||---4-----5-----7---| x3|---4-----5-----7---||---2-----3-----5---||-------------------|
Then go back to the intro :) The rest of the song just uses these 3 sections, so listen to the song and you'll know where to go.
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