Elliot Yamin - You Are The One chords

A ESometimes i sit and i wonder
G D And i just can't seem to believe
A E What a blessing it's been to be loved
G DYou're an angel sent to me
Bm D You're the star who lights up my sky
A EYou're the one who made me see
Bm D That you don't need wings to fly
A EYour love has set me free
A Em GCause you are the one who makes me whole
D A In my heart and in my soul
Em G And just like the sun you showed me the light
D A I'm amazed and you're the reason why
A EBefore you i was so blind
G D I didn't know which path to choose
A E You poured all of this love in my heart
G DAnd there's no way that I can lose
Bm D And when i have no faith in myself
A EYou're the one who makes me strong
Bm D I wouldn't have a story to tell
A EOr an ending to my song
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