Elliott Smith – Miss Misery chords

Song: Miss Misery

Artist: Elliott Smith

Album: "Good Will Hunting" (1997 Soundtrack)

Tab by Devin Miller

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Time Signature: 3/4

I worked hard on this one! Elliott was a genius songwriter.

Hope you like it!


Chord Reference:

   Dm   C    Bb  F   Bb7  Gm   Am   A7   G#   Cm   C#  G   D   Em6

******************************************************************* Dm C Bb F I'll fake it through the day Bb7 Gm With some help from Johnny Walker Red F Am C Bb Send the poison brain down the drain F A7 To put bad thoughts in my head ------- Dm C Bb F Your two tickets torn in half Bb7 Gm And a lot of nothing to do F Am Bb F G Do you miss me, Miss Misery Bb F Like you say you do? ------- G# C#m A man in the park F C# Read the lines in my hand G# Told me I'm strong C Hardly ever wrong I said man you mean ------- Dm C Bb F You had plans for both of us Bb7 Gm That involved a trip out of town F Am C Bb To a place I've seen in a magazine F A7 That you left lying around ------- Dm C Bb I don't have you with me F Bb7 Gm But I keep a good attitude F Am Bb F G Do you miss me, Miss Misery Bb F Like you say you do? ------- D Bb I know you'd rather see me gone F G Bb Than to see me the way that I am C Em6 But I am in the life anyway ------- Dm C Bb F Next door the TV's flashing Bb7 Gm Blue frames on the wall F Am C Bb It's a comedy of errors, you see F A7 It's about taking a fall ------- Dm C Bb F Bb7 To vanish into oblivion Gm Is easy to do F Am Bb And I try to be but you know me F G Bb F Am I come back when you want me to F Am Bb F G Do you miss me, Miss Misery Bb F Like you say you do? ===========================================================================
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