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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 16:47:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Anna C. Vidal" 
Subject: s/smith_elliott/miss_misery.crd

Title: Miss Misery
Artist: Elliott Smith
Transcribed(and submitted) by Jonathan Vidal
Chords used: C#m  x46654	Bsus9  224452
	     B    224442	A(2)   577655
	     F#m  x04222	G      355433
	     E    022100	Bm     224432
	     F#m(add9)xx4224	D      xx0232
	     E(2) 476454	Ab     466544
	     A    002220
Stick a capo on the first fret

	Verse 1
   C#m        B        F#m        E		F#m(add9)
	I'll fake it through the day with some help
	From Johnnie Walker Red
		  E(2)   F#m   B	A	 E
	Send the poison brain down the drain to put
			    Bsus9	B
	Bad thoughts in my head
   C#m       B	     F#m     E	      F#m(add9)
	Two tickets torn in half for LA
	With nothing to do

		E(2) B   A(2) E(2) B
	Do you miss me, Miss Misery
		  A	  E
	Like you say you do

	Bridge 1
    G		      Bm	      E           G
	We met in the park, read the lines in my hand
		      D			  B
	Told me I'm strong, hardly ever wrong, I said, man you mean

	Verse 2

	You had plans for both of us that involved
	A trip out of town
	To a place I seen in a magazine that you
	Left lyin' around
   	I don't have you with me but I keep
	A good attitude


	Middle Eight
   A		   		    B		  E
	I know you'd rather see me gone, than to see me
	     C#m	A
	The way that I am
			 B	Ab
	But I am in the life anyway

	Verse 3

	Next door, TV's flashing blue
	Frames on the wall
	It's a comedy of errors you see
	It's about taking a fall
	To vanish into oblivion
	It's easy to do

	Chorus Chords

	And I try to be but you know me
	I come back when you want me to


This was a tough song to figure out. There's a little guitar part at the
Bsus9. It goes like this

---------------------------------| ---4p1-----1---2p1---------------| ------1-----------1--------------| -------------------------4-------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|
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