Elliott Smith – I Figured You Out tab

I Figured You Out (Elliott Smith)
as performed by Mary Lou Lord
from Martian Saints

Note:  The tab for the intro is just to give you a rough idea of where the important
picked parts are; mostly, the chords are being played with just slight embellishments.
 Also note that the picking of the G-G6 progression in the intro is the same for each
verse as well.

Capo second fret

Chords used:
G:     320033
G6:    320030
D:     xx0232
Am:    x02210
D/F#:  2x023x
Em:    022000
C:     x32010
Bm:    x24432
Em7:   xx0000

Intro: G G6 D Am /A /G D/F# Em C G De--------3-----0---------2--0---------------0--0-3-2----|B----------3-----3---3---3--1------------3--0--1-3-3----|G-----0------------------2--2------------2--0--0-0-2----|D------------------------0--2------------0--2--2-0-0----|A---------------------------0----0----------2--3-2------|E--3---------3-----3----------------3--2----0----3------|
The second time through, it's nearly identical, but instead of D at the end, it's D and C Verse 1: G G6 I've seen you watching D Am /A /G Her everytime she crosses the floor D/F# Em C So won't you just go and talk to G D C The one you really adore G G6 I'm getting pretty used to being D Am /A /G The one that you always ignore D/F# Em C When somebody wants you G D C I've seen it before
Between verses thing: G G6 G7 Ge--------3---0--1------|B----------3------3----|G-----0----------------|D----------------------|A----------------------|E--3-------------------|
Verse 2: G G6 You're every kind of color D Am /A /G There ain't nothing you won't claim D/F# Em C Your ambition and promise G D C And your addiction to fame G G6 And everyone's got a dollar D Am /A /G Sign after their name D/F# Em C When somebody wants you G D C You treat em just the same Bridge: Am G So go on a pick-up D/F# Em You don't care what poison you choose Em7/D C And what person you choose Bm It should've been me, yeah C D Shouldn't it be? Verse 3: G G6 Crushing quiet D Am /A /G Blows in through the window D/F# Em C To someone who wants you G D That you never know G G6 But I pick up around you D Am /A /G And clear everything out D/F# Em C Leave you where I found you G D C /A /G I figured you out D/F# Em C Leave you where I found you G D C I figured you out Repeat verse chord progression to the end
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