Elliott Smith - Whatever Folk Song In C tab version 2

Tabbed by Michael Hartnett

Relative to capo on 1st
This is a very rough outline of the song, Elliott will always play it much better 
than i ever could.

Intro/Verse: C F C D9/F# Ge|----0----000-------0-00---0-----------0--00--------|B|------1--111-------1-11-----1-1-1-----1--11--0--00-|G|--------0000----0h2--00----------0-0--2--22--0--00-|D|---------222-3-3-----22-----------2---0--00--0--00-|A|--3-3----333---------33-3-3--3-33------------2-0h2-|E|-------------------------------------2-0h2--3------|
C F C G Ce|----0---0-------00--0-00-0---------------0000-|B|------1---1-----11--1-11--1-1------------1111-|G|------------0-0-220h2-00---0-------------0000-|D|-------------2--333---22-------0---0------222-|A|--3-3--3-33-----------3333------0h2-0h2-3-333-|E|------------------------------3---------------|
For chorus: "i haven't wanted to do anything..." sub an Am for the first C and play like the verse after that. You can play the solo similarly to intro/verse, but after the 1st G, Elliott plays:
End on: C G F C What are you doin' hangin' out with me----e? Like i said, Elliott plays around with the finger-picking and this isn't exact, but should get you close.
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