Elliott Smith – Oh Well Okay chords

The chords below are written for a guitar with no capo, in standard tuning.

I'm led to believe Elliott tuned down his guitar a whole step, and placed a capo 
on the first fret. In that case, you'd be playing the chords a half-step up: Bb would be B, etc.

I recommend checking the chord diagrams.

Bb Dm/A Eb/G Bb Dm/AHere's the silhouette, the face always turned away
Gm/Bb Gm/E Eb Bb Dm/AThe bleeding colour gone to black, dying like a day
G7 Cm Eb/Bb AbCouldn't figure out what made you so un - happy
Ab Eb Db CmShook your head to say no no no
Eb/Bb AbAnd stopped for a spell
Eb/G F7And stayed that way
G7 FmOh well, okay
Bb Dm/A Eb/G Bb Dm/AI got pictures, I just don't see it anymore
Gm/Bb Gm/E Eb Bb Dm/AClimbing hour upon hour through a total bore
G7 Cm Eb/Bb AbWith the one I keep, where it never fades
Ab Eb Db CmIn the safety of a pitch-black mind
Eb/Bb AbAn airless cell
Eb/G F7That blocks the day
G7 FmOh well, okay
[Slide Solo] (Fm) Ab/Eb Dm7b5 Db Ab Eb/G Fm Ab/Eb Dm7b5 Db Ab Eb/G
F7 Bbm Db/Ab F# If you get a feeling next time you see me
F# Db B BbmDo me a favor and let me know
Bbm Db/Ab F# 'Cos it's hard to tell
Db/F Eb7It's hard to say
F7 Eb7Oh well, okay
F7 Eb7Oh well, okay
F7 Eb7Oh well, okay
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