Elliott Smith – Like A Cop chords

like a cop

A7   x02020
Eb/G 3x1x43 or 3x0343

riff 1

riff 2e------------------------2-2|B-----------------3---3--3-3|G----0------------2---2--2-2|D--2--0---------------------|A-------3--2-0--------------|E--------------4-3---2------|
riff 1 i'm the kind of guy that likes to talk i'm the kind of guy hates to be frozen out i can't stand it when i get this way total mental shutdown
riff 2 A7 C& i choke up like a chump
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 Cwords in my throat just become a senseless lump
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7my heart's not in it 'cause it's just a pump
riff 1 body lying out on the pavement eyes out of focus on the dirty street standing right here is the person i've been waiting for months to meet
riff 2 A7 C& i just drop my eyes down like two rocks
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 Ci hear my name, my circulation stops
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7i peer up at her like i'm looking at a cop
riff 1 riff 1 i'm the kind of dog that likes to sit in your lap i back away, about an inch tall that's my special situation
riff 2 A7 Cnow if i think about her at all i become a raw nerve
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 Cwhole throat gets dry & vision blurred
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 C thoughts in my head fall down like dead birds
/B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 i don't know what kind if any purpose i might serve
C /B /A Eb/G D/F# A7 C /B /A Eb/G D/F# A7
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