Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free tab

Artist: Elliott Smith
Song: A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free
Album: From A Basement On A Hill
Tabber: Dan Crawford (dmcblue@gmail.com)

Most of the chords in the song are not full chords but merely 5 chords or power chords, 
the minors are pretty much irrelevant.

Intro Riff|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||-----6-4h6p4---4-----------||-------------6---4---------||-7-4-----------------------|
G#m B I'm floating in a black balloon C#m E O.D. on Easter afternoon G#m F#m E B My mamma told me, "Baby stay clean, C#m E there's no in between." And all you ladies and you gentleman Between's all you've ever seen or been Fit poorly and arrange the sight Doll her up in virgin white
G#m F#m E You disappoint meC#m D#mYou people rakin' in on the world|---------------------||---------------------||-3-4-6------4--------||-5-6-8------6--------||---------------------||---------------------| E F#m F EThe devil's script sells youB F#m G#m Gthe heart of a blackbird
E B C#m EShine on me baby cause it's rainin' in my heart|-----------------------------------------||-------------7---------------------------||-4--------\8---8-------4-----------------| X2|---6----------------------6--------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
G#m F#m E B C#m E|-16/14------------16/14-----------16-------16--||------16/14------------16/14-------------------||------------16-13-----------16-13----13h16-----||-----------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------|
Sun's risin' on a choppy glareRain dropping acid brought up in the airA distorted reality's is now a necessity to be free|-12-12h14-----12h14-12h14-12--------||----------13------------------13----||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
It's so disapointing First I put it all down to luck God knows why my country don't give a fuck
F#m F G B F#m G#m G 1st Ending 2nd Ending|-----------------------------------------------------------|----|----------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------|----|----------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------|----|----------------------||-----------------------9------11------13---13-11-9-------|----|------------------------||------------9-10—13p11---11/13---13/14---------------11-9--|-11-|-9--------------9-11--||-4-4/7-9-11------------------------------------------------|----|-----2-4/7-9-11-------|
Shine on me baby cause it's rainin' in my heart Shine on me baby cause it's rainin' in my heart REMEMBER MXTABS!!!! www.myspace.com/acrobatsdancrawford http://dmcblue.googlepages.com/home
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