Elliott Smith – A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free tab ver. 2

I noticed that the From a Basement on the Hill version is on here, 
but the Pretty Ugly (Before) single B-side version is not. 
I like this version a little better. 
It may be because I heard this one first, but I'll never know.

Anyway, I've found that dropping the guitar down a whole step is the easiest way to play it, 
plus Elliott used this tuning a lot, so it's possible that he played it in this tuning.


*E= upper octave E chord
*F= upper octave F chord

 h= hammer on
 p= pull off
 /= slide
 ~= let ring

Same as the other version

F C I'm floating in a black balloon D *E *F I must make it through this afternoon Am G F C Shame shifting, shadow down drifting D *E *F Way out of town Am B5 C And all you ladies and you gentleman, D *E *F Unhappy where you could have been, Am G F Drive people like you drive a car, C D *E *F Till you don't know where you are Am G F You don't impress me D E I'm sorry that you're chained to the ground F G D F C G Am G# But no big brother is gonna bring me down now F C D *E *F Am G F C D *E *F Am B5 C Rim's rolling now with all his might D *E *F Rain drops falling through a starry night Am G F C Sunrise on a choppy crusade D *E *F Waving back at you . . . not me Am G F You don't impress me D E You can't be satisfied anyhow F G D F C G Am G# And now big brother is gonna bring me back down C D G# C G Am G# {Repeat this last progression to fade) Few last notes: In this version, it's mostly power chords, but I put in the full chords so you could do this version in the style of the From a Basement on the Hill version if you wanted to. Also, I haven't found a tab with the distorted guitar part at the end the way I think it sounds, and I'm not totally satisfied with the way I play it either, but this is the way I've been playing it:
(Repeat to fade) As usual, any constructive comments, corrections, or questions can be directed to my email, bambrown@comcast.net
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