Elliott Smith – No Name 3 tab

G       3x0007
G2     7x00010
Am    5x0088
C       x30055
D       x50077
Bb     x10031
Em     022000
G3     3x0003

(Em and G3 are used only one time during the last verse)
it requires some long fingers and a little stretch
pluck bass string with thumb and up strum the bottom 2 or 3 strings (don't really touch 
string much)

when C and D are played they are obviously for only half as long

G1                    G2
We arrive too late
G1                                  G2
Our mouths were opening
Am                    G2
I turn off the lights
C          D           G1
So come all night

You are witnessing
You see me interrupt
A good old fashioned fight
So come all night

Bb                 G1
Everyone is gone
Bb               G1
Home to oblivion
Bb               G1
Home to oblivion
Home to oblivion --->>  SOLO

Play what you would for the verse over the solo

Watch the dying day
Blushing in the sky
Everyone is uptight
So come all night


I know were not
in our hearing
C          D  Em  G3
so come on
C         D          G1
so come all night

End by a full strum of G1 'chord'
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