Elvis Presley – True Love chords

True Love:Elvis Presley.
Album - Loving You - #1 Billboard Top Albums in 1957.

G D GSuntanned, windblown, honeymooners,
Dat last alone.
G G7 C Cm G A D D7Feeling far above par, oh, how lucky we are.
D7 G C GWhile I give to you, and you give to me..
D D7 C Gtrue love, true love.
G C GSo, on and on, it will always be..
D D7 Gtrue love, true love.
Eb Bb GFor you and I have a guardian angel,
Cm F Bb Don high, with nothing to do.
D G C G But to give to you, and to give to me..
D D7 G Clove forever true.
D D7 G Cm GLove, forever truuuuuue.
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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