Emeli Sande - Clown chords version 3

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                   Emeli Sande - Clown

Am D/F# GI guess it's funnier from where you're standing
Am D/F# G'Cause from over here I've missed the joke
Am D/F# EmCleared the way for my crash landing
C Cm GI've done it again, another number for your notes
Am D/F# GI'd be smiling if I wasn't so desperate
Am D/F# GI'd be patient if I had the time
Am D/F# EmI could stop and answer all of your questions
C Cm GAs soon as I find out how I could move from the back of the line
GSo I'll be your clown
CBehind the glass
Am FGo 'head and laugh 'cause it's funny
Dsus4 DI would too if I saw me
GI'll be your clown
COn your favorite channel
Am FMy life's a circus-circus rounding circles
Dsus4 DI'm selling out tonight
Am D/F# GI'd be less angry if it was my decision
Am D/F# GAnd the money was just rolling in
Am D/F# EmIf I had more than my ambition
CI'll have time to please
Cm GI'll have time to thank you as soon as I win
C D GFrom a distance my choice is simple
C D GFrom a distance I can entertain
C D EmSo you can see me I put makeup on my face
FBut there's no way you can feel it
Am (D)From so far away
Chorus Enjoy :)
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