Emerson Lake And Palmer - The Endless Enigma chords

The endless enigma  Emerson Lake & Palmer

G C DWhy do you stare
G C Gdo you think that I care?
G C DYou've been mislead
G C GBy the thoughts in your head
D G C DYour words waste and decay
Em F#mNothing you say
C Am D G (C D Em)Reaches my ears anyway
Bb Eb D4 DYou never spoke a word of truth
Eb F Bb C D
G C DWhy do you think
G C GI believe what you said
G C DFew of your words
G C GEver enter my head
D G C DI'm tired of living with freaks?
Em F#mWith tongues in their cheeks
C Am D G (C D Em)Turning their eyes as they speak
Bb Eb D4 DThey make me sick and tired
Eb F Bb C D (Chorus)
E F#m G#m A B C#m BAre you confused To the point in your mind Though you're blind
E B C#m B C#m G#m F#m A B D Can't you see you're wrong
G Am Bm C D Em D Won't you refuse To be used Even though you may know
G D Em D Mim Sim Am C DI can see you're wrong
G D Eb F GPlease, please, please open your eyes
G D Eb F GPlease, please, please don't give me lies
D G C DI've rode all of the earth
Em F#mWitnessed my birth
C Am D G (C D Em)Cried at the sight of a man
F Eb D4 DAnd still I don't know who I am
Eb F Bb C D
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