Emerson Lake And Palmer – From The Beginning Acoustic tab

Different Intro, Different Chords & Chord-Fingerings, & Different lyrics.
If you follow the notes I've given throughout this transcription everything
should work out just fine - It was transcribed for a solo acoustic player.
If you want to solo (A-minor) get another player for the chords - have fun.
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- Ian C.T. vom Saal
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - From the Beginning
[Intro-1](Harmonics)    h  p         h p p          
E ||----------[12]-|-10-12-10--7-|-5-7-5-0--|-0-2-3----8-| B ||------[12]-----|-------------|--------0-|------------| G ||--[12]---------|-------------|----------|------------| D ||---------------|-------------|----------|------------| A ||---------------|-------------|----------|----------0-| E ||-0-------------|-0-----------|-0--------|------------|
(LICK-1) E ||--------0----------0------| ||-----0-------0----| ||----------------| B ||-----10--10------12-12----| ||---6---6---6---6--| ||----------------| G ||---11------11--11-----11--| ||--5-----5-5-----5-| ||----------------| D ||--0----------0----------0-| ||-0-------0-------0| ||------0---------| A ||--------------------------| ||------------------| ||-------------0--| E ||--------------------------| ||------------------| ||--2/3----2/3----|
3X 4X [slide][slide] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Chords] Am9 - 005503 G - 005433 Em11 - 004030 Dm7 - x57565 C - x3201x Dm6 - 353435 CMaj9 - x2001x E7sus4(addF) - x23230 F - xx3211 F9 - xx3213 ------------------------------------------------- [Intro-2] [Am9] [Am9] [Em11] [Em11] [Am9] [Am9] [Em11] [Em11] (Play the open "A" bass note first in each chord) [C]walk-down[CMaj9] [F/F9] (arpagiate down) (arpagiate down on F, up on F9) [G] (Lick-1) [Am9] [Am9] [Em11] [Em11] (arpagiate down on "G") ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Verse] Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 It might have been things I missed C Cmaj9 F/F9 G (Lick-1) Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 But don't be unkind, it don't mean I'm blind Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 Perhaps there's a thing or two C Cmaj9 F/F9 G I think of lying in bed, (Lick-1) Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 I shouldn't have said, but there it is ------------------------------------------------------------------ [Bridge/Chorus] Dm7 Dm6 (arpagiate down and up for Dm7-Dm6-E7sus4(addF) You see it's all clear Dm7 E7sus4(addF) You were meant to be here Trill on D-string 2nd & 3rd fret 8X(E & F) - Hammer-on Low-E 3rd fret(G) (Fill-1) (Intro-2) From the beginning --------------------------------------------------------------------- [Verse] Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 Well maybe I might have changed C Cmaj9 F/F9 G (Fill-1) Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 And not been so cruel, not been such a fool Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 Whatever was done is done C Cmaj9 F/F9 G (Fill-1) Am9 Am9 Em11 Em11 I just can't recall, it doesn't matter at all ---------------------------------------------------------- [Bridge/Chorus]
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