Birds tab with lyrics by Emiliana Torrini - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Emiliana Torrini – Birds tab

Em9 - 022003

Intro: C

C                                     Em9
   Let's stay awake and listen to the dark.
C                                         Em9
   Before the birds, before they all wake up.
         C                                 G
It's the ending of a play and soon begins another.
  F                          E7     Am
Hear the leaves applaud the wind.

Chorus - no words, just "Ooooooooh"
F C G A7 x 2

C                                                Em9
See the sun come rising and white-wings start to fly.
C                                   Em9
Like strings of pearls in the firey sky.
        C                                              G
I don't want to close my eyes, don't want to leave the stage now,
       F                    E7     Am
As the leaves applaud our stay.

F C G A7 x 2

Bridge - instrumental

C                                       Em9
Lend me your wings and teach me how to fly.
C                                          Em9
Show me when it rains, the place you go to hide.
        C                                     G
And the curtains draw again and bow - another day ends.
    F                    E7  Am
The leaves applaud the wind.

F C G A7 - repeat to fade
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