Emily Elbert - Take It Easy tab


Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Am7 - 5x555x
Dm7 - x57565
G7 -  353433
C7 -  x35353

E7 -  020130
F7 -  1x121x
F#7 - 2x232x

Why don’t we dance just a little
Dance with me
We’ll put our politics aside
And set our worries free
Baby, the day’s moving slowly
And so are we
Let’s just float here for a while

We’ll lose track of time
But why should we mind
What do we need time for
When we’ve got the world
You know the clock stops
When we’re feeling this free
We’ll chill the day away you and me.

Am7 Dm7 G7 C7

         We’ll take it easy

We’ve got to hit the park
Before it gets dark
Because the best things happen at Grapevine Springs
You’ve got the bongos
I’ve got the guitars
We’ll get some reggae for the way
And we’ll jump in the car

We’ll set our worries free
  As the sun sets and the
evening breeze sets in
E7                                F7                          
  There’s nothing troubling our minds
                 F#7  G7
As we roll with the times

We’ll take it easy
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