Emily Haines And The Soft Skeleton – Bottom Of The World tab ver. 2

Bottom of the world

      Bm   D                 A        Em
Is it true you used to be my friend?
         Bm   D                 A        Em
What did i do? Why didn't I get in to your cool crew?

G                                      F#m
Got a modern loft and a new tattoo with your own name
G                                     F#m
I've got a single room overlooking the highway under the microwave

G    D
For you

F#   G   D

       F#    G   Bm
I've been for you

      Bm   D                 A        Em
Is it true, you and the other girls, you all stood in a circle
      Bm   D                 A        Em
Sophie left me in a bar at the bottom of the world

G                             F#m
All followers pick a word out around the room
G                                      F#m
I'm on my way, you're always "Remember you, to stay on the move"

It's true, true

F# G   D
      F#   G  D     
I've been for you
                                    F#   G Bm
You've left me on the bottom of the world

6/8 (Intro/Verse) E|------|------|--------|---------||B|------|------|--------|---------||G|---2--|---2--|-----0--|0-3------||D|4-----|4-----|--2----4|----0----||A|------|------|4---4---|------4-2||E|------|------|--------|---------||
(Pre-Chorus) E|---------|--------|----0----|---------||B|0---3---2|---3---2|--------3|-----3--2||G|---------|0-------|2--------| 2-------||D|---------|--------|---------|---------||A|---------|--------|---------|---------||E|---------|--------|---------|---------||
(Chorus) E|---------------|---------------| ---------------------||B|---------------|---------------| ---------------------||G|---0------0----|---0-------0---| ---------------------||D|4----4--4-----4|4----4--4-----4| 2-4-----0------------||A|---------------|---------------| -----4------0--------||E|---------------|---------------| ----------------3---2||
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