Emily Haines – Expecting To Fly chords

Expecting To Fly by Buffalo Springfield as played by Emily Haines

D AmThere you stood on the edge of your feather
G AExpecting to fly
D AmWhile I left, I wondered whether
G A DI could wave goodbye
G CKnowin' that you'd gone
Dm GBy the summer it was healing
C FWe had said goodbye
Dm GAll the years we'd spent with feeling
C FEnded with a cry
F Em DmBabe, ended with a cry
F Em Dm DBabe, ended with a cry
D AmI tried so hard to stand
G AAs I stumbled and fell to the ground
D AmSo hard to laugh as I fumbled
G A DAnd reached for the love I found
G CKnowin' it was gone
Dm GIf I never lived without you
C DmNow you know I'd die
GIf I never said I loved you
C DmNow you know I'd try
F Em DmBabe, now you know I'd try
F Em DmBabe, now you know I'd try
I looked at the other tabs, but I wasn't exactly satisfied by all the chords, so I watched Emily play and came up with these ones. I play this song one the piano and it sounds good to me, I hope it sounds good to you too.
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