Married chords with lyrics by Emily Kinney - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Emily Kinney – Married chords

                                          Artist - Emily Kinney
                                             Song - Married 
                                          Album - Expired Love 
                                          Tabbed By - Ayreon77


This Is The Picking Pattern for The Song

C Am Ge|-----4------4-|-----4------4-|-----7-|B|-----5------5-|-----5------5-|-----4-|G|-----4------4-|-----6------6-|-----4-|D|---6-6----6-6-|---6-6----6-6-|---4-4-|A|-7------7-----|-4------4-----|-------|E|--------------|--------------|-7-----|
------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 1 ********
CNo body likes us, at this party
AmNo one likes us on this couch
C AmWe can't stop eating the candy, we can't stop making out
C AmThe girl in the corner knows a story about the first night we met
C G CShe keeps asking 'why aren't you together yet
CAnd I've got my hands in your heart
AmYou've got your hands in my hair
CI don't know these people, let them stare
CAnd I've got you wrapped around my finger
AmYou've got me wrapped up in your chest
C G C We keep whisperin' 'why aren't we together yet.
------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS *******
AmShould we get married, tonight
COnce we've drank up the wine
Am CWould you marry me and always be mine
AmIt's such a nice night in Brooklyn
CAnd we shouldn't be alone
Am G CLet's get married, baby, married and go home.
------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 2 ********
CAnd the moon could be our witness,
AmAnd north fifth street the isle
C GAnd when we kiss the stars will cheer and cry and smile
COur friends will feel left out
AmAnd our parents had no warning
C G CBut we'll call them with the good news in the morning.
------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS ******* ------------------------------------------------------- BRIDGE *******
C GOhhh Ohh
Am C GI don't really wanna be at this party anymore
Am C GRunning outta jellybeans and there's no one left to call
Am C GWe don't wanna be at this party anymore
Am G Make up lies and say goodbyes and meet me at the door
------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS X2 ******* -------------------------------------------------------
Am G CLet's get married, baby, married and go home.
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