Emily Metz – Forgive And Forget chords

Here's the chords to Forgive and Forget!
capo 7

G, D, Em, Cadd9 x2

G D Em Cadd9I know we fixed everything,
G D Em Cadd9but I know right now things will never be the same,
G D Em Cadd9no matter how hard I try,
G D Em Cadd9 (pause)it always hurts saying your name,
G D Em Cadd9I wish I knew your point of view,
G D Em Cadd9and I wish I knew what it was like for you,
G D Em Cadd9and I wanna know if you wanna go back to that day,
G D Em Cadd9and change everything,
GNow I'm sitting in my room,
Dthree months later,
Em Cadd9recalling everything like it was yesterday,
G Dand I wonder if there's a way to make it better,
Em Cadd9forgive and forget, all of it,
G Dand even though we talk, it doesn't mean nothing,
Em Cadd9I want it all to be the same again,
G D Em Cadd9 (strum once)and we need to put it all behind us
G D Em Cadd9forgive and forget, oh, oh
G D Em Cadd9forgive and forget, oh, oh
G D Em Cadd9I go back through our old conversations, missing them like crazy,
G D Em Cadd9I remember how they made me laugh, I want it back that way,
G D Em Cadd9I remember, we used to stay up talking to you at night,
G D Em Cadd9but now we haven't even talked in a long, long while
Repeat chorus
G D Em(strum once)Oh, Oh, Oh
Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_L33lpoe_w Thanks!
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