Emma Louise – 1000 Sundowns chords

A D F#m A
Bm Dm AMet a boy who made me cry
D F#m E A DHe said stay away from my kind
A D F#m DI said I appreciate his honesty and I
F#m E A DStayed away for a while
A Am Bm Dm DThen he cried and I laughed on the telephone
F#m E A DAnd we talked for hours
A Bm A DmHe says he wants to be a rock-star
A DWell so do I, So I
E AGuess it would never work out
E A F#mBut on these Summer nights
D E AWhen the weather's right
F#m AI miss him by my side
F#m E DOh by my side
A D A F#m DAnd when the wind blows west from the hills
F#m E D AOn these April nights, I'll think of him
D F#m DOh the boy who surely taught me how to love
F#m EShowed me how to trust
D F#m AAnd I gave in
E AAnd oh our love it was so strong
DmIt was so deep
D AAnd we were young
E AAnd I was a little bit naive
D A DBut still how I was in his arms for one thousand sundowns
A F#m D E A DIt was a love worth remembering
A F#mAnd on these Summer nights
D AWhen the weather's right
F#mI miss him by my side
E A E AOh by my side
And oh my darling
E F#m E D E APlease say you'll miss me too
Bm F#mOn these summer nights
A F#m E A DYou'll miss me by your side
A E F#m A D A E A E A D A E
A Bm A D EAnd I know I'll see you face at the gates of heaven
F#m E DWhen it's my turn to go
A F#m A DBut oh Lord please do not pass judgement on us
A E DWe were but young and full of love
AAnd oh please let me cry in his arms
F#m DJust once more
C F#m B A DFor one thousand sundowns
Bm A E A F#mFor one thousand sundowns
E A D A F#m
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