Emmylou Harris – Sweet Chariot chords

Sweet Chariot

B G#m B Oh my darlin' I have searched the desert and the sky
F# Just to find you and take the mourning from my eyes
B E BWhen I lost you I suffered and you were sanctified
G#m F# E B We are all born to live we are all bound to die
F# F#7Swing down sweet chariot, the flesh will fall and the bones will rot
B But from my sorrow you'll carry me not
F# BMy heart is bound my soul is chained to the rock
F# F#7Rock of ages cleft for me, I swung down my hammer out in Joshua Tree
BIt rang on the mountain and rolled to the sea
F# BAnd it will ring from the rock
Oh my children, sorrow shall come to each of us All our trials will soon lay buried in the dust Long forgotten but quick as silver turns to rust Love is found when the heart is lost Chorus by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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